Hairy Harry

hairy harrySo, I’m riding home alone on a Saturday night at 2am, crying, because, you know. And I’m in the corner, trying to sort of bury my head and rest and just processing things. And I see this guy leaning against the end door, and he’s holding what looks like an Etch-a-Sketch, except it’s this thing called a Hairy Harry. Have you seen those? There’s a drawing of a face and then all these magnetic shavings and you take this wand and drag shavings onto Harry’s face, so you’re like making him hairy. And I see him messing around with it and then he shakes it to start over, and I sort of chuckle because, who plays with a Harry Hairy on a Saturday night? And then I go back into my thoughts and I look up a few minutes later and I see him glancing at me – and then back at Hairy Harry – and then back at me… and as soon as he sees me seeing him drawing me on the Hairy Harry, we both can’t help but laugh.

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One thought on “Hairy Harry

  1. Love this blog… It’s so Great….for people to get out of their Devices…long enough to see what is real right around them.. It’s sad to see people missing life as it happens because they are buried in some electronic, while surrounded by Real LIFE


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