Would You Flip Him Off?

I notice him chuckling to himself but don’t see what he is laughing about – he is your standard breed twentysomething dude, standing next to me on the subway at the end of a long row of seats. I answer my own question as I look down the car and notice a similarly dressed guy facing him from the other end of the seats, making gestures and laughing back before pausing to check something on his phone. Dude nudges me. “Hey, would you do me a favor?” (Who knows what that could mean?) I shrug in half-commitment. Dude motions towards Phone Guy. “Would you flip him off?” I’m up for an adventure, so I say sure. He gets excited. “We’ll do it together, ready? When he looks up from his phone.” We get in position. Phone Guy raises his head and locks his eyes on me right as my middle finger springs into position. I imagine a “ding” sound as I break into a pleased grin. He looks confused, until his eyes shift to his friend, and understanding washes over his face. We all break out in laughter. “Hey thanks, that was great!” Dude says to me, and takes off.

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