Take My Picture?


My favorite thing when I’m in a crowd of people all focused on one attraction is to look not at the attraction, but at the other people, and to just enjoy the weird things that people do in those situations. Once while visiting the Statue of Liberty, and perhaps feeling a bit snobbish as a newly-minted resident of New York, I had to laugh at the fairly identical nature of all the photos being taken at her base. Is it a basic human instinct to raise one’s left arm above their head when standing in front of a large copper statue doing the same? As I knew I was not skilled enough to capture Lady Liberty any better than the millions who came before me (and made their photos widely available), I opted instead to take this photo of people taking photos, all trying to distinguish this moment for ourselves and our posterity. I can’t blame them – I just wonder if posterity will wonder why we all seemed to do the exact same things on our vacations.

One thought on “Take My Picture?

  1. Well I enjoyed the insight on this.. It’s those things that make us connected as humans… seemingly silly – and yet we are all doing the same thing. Those pictures are part of Our History.. that weaves a thread through all of us..


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