Bologna Sandwiches

Sherrie Smith, Dreamstime images

Today I have my first guest post, coming from my Aunt Maureen in Iowa: I was waiting for my airplane in the Quad Cities airport in Moline, Illinois on my way to Las Vegas. I was talking about home prices to a random passenger who was waiting for the same airplane. We compared the average price of homes in the Quad cities versus Chicago, Illinois, and found that there was an average difference of $300,000.

And then he came out with: “I don’t want to sit in my living room and eat bologna sandwiches! I want to take trips like this and go to Las Vegas. I like to have fun – that’s what I like in life!” I’m assuming he meant that he just didn’t want have such an expensive house that he couldn’t travel and he would have to eat bad food to make up the difference. Nevertheless, I thought it was such a random comment and the whole time we were waiting for the airplane I just envisioned him sitting cross-legged in his living room eating sandwich after sandwich after sandwich.

Photo credit: Sherrie Smith, Dreamstime

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