How to Crowd Surf in the City

0328151418dIt was an uptown 2 train at rush hour, crowded in the way trains are only crowded after passing through an ice storm. As some guys’ bag pressed into my back I heard a scuffle rising out from in between repeated “stand clear of the closing doors” announcements. A man was determined to get on but so far only his foot had succeeded and people were yelling at him to step off. “I’m a real New Yorker,” he said as the rest of the train rolled their eyes, “I don’t care if it’s crowded.” Unfortunately the 2 train didn’t have any more room for either real or fake New Yorkers and people began trying to shove him out. Finally a man spoke out amidst the tense grumbles, motioning to the scarce airspace above the sea of heads, and probably remembering his days of crowd surfing at rock concerts: “You can get in on top!”

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