Not Living a Life of Wishin’

Another guest post from my nomadic Aunt Maureen today, this time on the West CoastIMG_0379:
“Recently at a Macy’s outside of Seattle, I was shopping for mattresses and talking to the sales lady, who was working right next to the luggage department. I asked her if it was hard to work next to the luggage department: Doesn’t it want to make you take a trip or go on vacation? She told me, “I take regular vacations, even if it just means going to a local hotel downtown and enjoying myself. I’m not going to live a life of wishin’; I’m going to enjoy my life now! We only have one to live.” That’s what credit cards are for, she reasoned, and she has one travel credit card that she pays bit by bit in order to take regular stay-cations or vacations.
I asked her, how do you travel with the kids? Isn’t that expensive? She replied, “my kids are grown, but when they were little I would take them downtown to a local hotel with a pool and we would pretend that we were on vacation. We would stay for two nights it was just enough to get away from reality.”

Of course I don’t know how much that she had on that travel credit card, but I think her point was if you can’t afford a regular vacation, you can still find a way to enjoy yourself, like going to a hotel once in a while in your local city. Rather than live a life of wishin’, you can find something that does work for you.”

I think we all have dreams that we want to see to fruition, and it may not be a matter of getting everything as we originally planned, but learning to break down those dreams into smaller chunks that we can achieve bit by bit, wherever we find ourselves in the world, or in life.


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