Started with a Song

Today, my friend Ruth shares one of my favorite subway stories:

It was a long workday and I had just left my friends after a late night movie far out in Astoria park. Luckily, I transferred at my favorite station, Grand Central Terminal.

R+A hands

I noticed him on the platform. He noticed me. We got on the same car. An African drummer joined us. He was drumming his drum and singing a song. All about how we gotta spread the looove. He made us both laugh and smile at one another.

The drummer left. I made the first move. I commented how after a long day that was really uplifting. He smiled and nodded nervously.

My name is Ruth.


Oh! Are you Israeli? I asked in amazement.

Oh. My family is.

Mine too!

It all started with a song in the subway.

I ran into the drummer again, shortly after Aitan proposed, and told him the story. He announced to all the single ladies to look around you, in this car is your fiance! Everyone laughed and congratulated me. May magical moments happen on the subway to you too!

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