Have a ____ weekend

Usually when I leave the train I barely notice the rote speech by the conductor over the intercom: “Stand clear of the closing doors,” or “Next stop is Chambers Street.” Even if you don’t ride transit, you regularly interact with people whose rehearsed lines, like “have a good day,” barely register with you before you instinctively chirp back “you too.”

Brick textureRecently my mindless Friday morning routine was broken when the conductor surprised me with this gem: “Have a beautiful day and a warm and cozy weekend.” A cozy weekend? What did that even mean? He said it with such charm and purpose, I had to laugh and so did a few others around me. It was a nice change of pace.

How surprised would people be today if you gave them a less-than-common greeting or farewell to ponder? Have you done so recently? I would love to hear some thoughts if you have.

Photo credit: Guyro, Dreamstime

Tweet: Greet someone in a new way today: http://ctt.ec/fv85Q+ @transithumanity


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