For My Day Dreamers Out There

Another guest post today from Alex, a fellow New Yorker. If you don’t live here, you need to understand that Select Buses are buses where you pay at a kiosk before boarding and are supposed to retain a receipt for occasional on-board inspections. Says Alex:


“Super attractive girl gets on the Select Bus without a receipt and tries to give the driver cash. He mumbles an unhelpful response and she’s like “um okay, so I’ll just get on?” No driver response, so new-to-NYC-buses-pretty-girl stays on, none the wiser.

I decide to be chivalrous – I get off a stop early and as I walk past her I say “Excuse me, in case there’s a bus inspection, show them this and you’ll be fine.” She says “oh thank you!” and I proceed to get off.

But then she follows me off and says “wait up for a second – that’s the kindest unprompted thing anyone has done for me since moving here – can I buy you a drink?”

… aannd paragraph three definitely only occurred in my mind, but it was a nice day-dream.”

New-to-NYC-buses-pretty-girl: If you’re out there, get a drink with Alex! And use the kiosk next time.

Photo credit: Abdone, Dreamstime


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