Art By Bus Inspires Community Participation

Roanoke, VA has caught on to the connections between creativity, spontaneity, and public transit with their Art By Bus project. Throughout the month of March, an artist in residence is riding transit throughout the region and composing inspired pieces to share with the public. The program has also created a platform for others to share their thoughts inspired on the bus. Can we bring this to more cities across the world? 


Bologna Sandwiches

Sherrie Smith, Dreamstime images

Today I have my first guest post, coming from my Aunt Maureen in Iowa: I was waiting for my airplane in the Quad Cities airport in Moline, Illinois on my way to Las Vegas. I was talking about home prices to a random passenger who was waiting for the same airplane. We compared the average price of homes in the Quad cities versus Chicago, Illinois, and found that there was an average difference of $300,000.

And then he came out with: “I don’t want to Continue reading

Take My Picture?


My favorite thing when I’m in a crowd of people all focused on one attraction is to look not at the attraction, but at the other people, and to just enjoy the weird things that people do in those situations. Once while visiting the Statue of Liberty, and perhaps feeling a bit snobbish as a newly-minted resident of New York, I had to laugh at the fairly identical nature of all the photos being taken at her base. Is it a basic human instinct to Continue reading

Hairy Harry

hairy harrySo, I’m riding home alone on a Saturday night at 2am, crying, because, you know. And I’m in the corner, trying to sort of bury my head and rest and just processing things. And I see this guy leaning against the end door, and he’s holding what looks like an Etch-a-Sketch, except it’s this Continue reading